Jun 20, 2009   |   11am-1pm
Art Park, Fall City
Fall City Days
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Fall City Arts

Aug 17, 2009   |   10:30am-1:30pm
Enumclaw Expo Center
Enumclaw's King County Fair - Seminar Stage
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Enumclaw Arts Commission

Rob D'Arc

Professor Humbug's Flea Circus


The world's most popular "little" attraction... known on three continents and parts of New Jersey. Professor Humbug’s is a cruelty free Victorian style flea circus, which has never failed to delight even the most skeptical of audiences, and all audience members who do not wear corrective eyewear have no trouble seeing the fleas...even from a distance.

The fleas perform daring acts such as the trapeze and the high dive, all directed by the Professor and easily seen by the audience.  But don’t get too comfortable in your seat, because Professor Humbug needs a lot of help to get the fleas to do their acts.


Rob D’Arc began his career as an artist, writer, sculptor, and puppeteer with an apprenticeship to the French puppet troupe, “Les Marmouset.” He went on to become a walking puppet stage for Knott’s Berry Farm, a Court Magician at Medieval Times, and a puppet “boothie” at the Renaissance Pleasure Fair. Rob also spent several weeks in a hollow tree, travelling to malls in fifteen mid-western cities as Ernie the Elf (and Ernie's Mom!) in the President’s Drug Awareness Campaign / Keebler-sponsored show, “I Believe in Me.”

Rob currently tours with his puppet shows and his neo-vaudevillian act, “Professor Humbug’s Flea Circus”, which can be seen on sunny weekends at Seattle's famous Pike's Place Market. Rob sells his pop-up style puppets at the market as well, with his partner Gyan Davies, and these puppets can be viewed on their website; at



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