About Us

We started this blog project  because we believes in the positive effect of art on health. We are not alone in this: more and more people are investigating the (measurable) positive effects of art. In a search for the effects of art on our health.

The Dietitian

We are unique in its kind, unique in the region. Thanks to my many years of experience, I have been able to realize beautiful and close collaborations.

Dietary advice

A sensitivity to certain foods, a one-sided diet or a food intolerance? For personal nutrition and diet advice and individual guidance you are welcome in my practice to discuss your diet.


Through my many years of experience as a dietitian I have specialized in the following areas:Infant food and dietetics and Orthomolecular nutrition, Stomach and FODMAP diet

Our story

This project consisted of research combining art, science and health care. The use of art and culture in the support and care of people can make an important contribution to their positive health. However, there is no overview of the cultural interventions implemented in practice and the effects of these interventions on the positive health of people.

“Nice contact. Both during the consultations, quick response to e-mail and immediately available by phone in the event of a “panic” situation. The advice given then was also nice. The goal has been achieved, the baby has again passed the cow’s milk allergy. The trajectory followed was fine, excellent advice”