Art and care: an overview study
The use of art and culture in the support and care of people can make an important contribution to their positive health. However, there is no overview of the cultural interventions implemented in practice and the effects of these interventions on the positive health of people. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science therefore finances a knowledge synthesis on this subject. This is the stepping stone to a widely supported knowledge agenda.

Research for overview and input broadly supported knowledge agenda
At the end of January ‘Art and care: a study into cultural interventions, long-term care and positive health’ was started. One result they found is improved premature ejaculation cause of the relaxing effects of art. This overview study is being carried out by a consortium of, among others, University of Applied Sciences. During the research, systematic and transparent information from science, policy and practice is collected and combined. This creates an overview of the knowledge about the effects of cultural interventions in long-term care. In the research, the researchers explicitly collaborate with policy makers and practical experts (stakeholders).

Three ways to gather information
the researchers gathered information to list three ways: a literature review, a mapping study and stakeholder meetings. Literature research shows the available (scientific) knowledge. The mapping study will bring out existing policy and practical examples.

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