Michael McCrea, Nicolás Varchausky
and Tivon Rice A Continuity of Parks

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Oct 7, 2010   |   Dusk
Occidental Park, Seattle


A Continuity of Parks integrates sounds, echoes and images of Occidental Park with real-time audio and video performance.  As in Cortázar’s short story, the audience is led from the perspective of a peripheral observer to an active participant.  The sounds and images of the park are transformed through audio and video, gathered and played back in real-time.  This ongoing reflection of the space culminates with a group of artists performing the collected material.

A Continuity of Parks is part of the artSparks 2010 program.  To learn more about what is going on in Occidental Park this summer, please visit the artSparks 2010 website.


Michael McCrea is an artist working at the intersections of sound, light and movement, in both composed and live environments. Working primarily with spatial sound as his investigative medium, he creates systems of perpetual change and reorientation. Incorporating elements of video, sensing and control systems, dance, haptic interaction and acoustics, his work strives for sensorial immersion and spatial transformation. Michael is currently a research scientist at the University of Washington’s Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media (DXARTS) investigating new interaction methods and spatial and hyper-directional sound.

Nicolás Varchausky (Buenos Aires, 1973) has a Degree in Electro-acoustic Composition at the University of Quilmes (Argentina), where he works as an assistant professor and directs P.A.I.S. (Project Art In Situ-Acoustic Theatre Program-UNQ), a research project on the musical relations between space, sound, speech and memory. His artistic production includes electronic and instrumental music compositions, interdisciplinary projects in public spaces, sound art performances and interactive art installations. He is currently a PhD candidate in Art and Technology at DXARTS (Center for the Digital Arts and Experimental Media, University of Washington, Seattle, USA).

Tivon Rice (b. 1978) is a Seattle-based artist and PhD student at the University of Washington’s Center for Digital Art and Experimental Media.  His current research is focused on the transformation of video in physical space through digital media, real-time video, and kinetic sculptural installation. Tivon began his exploration of image and form at the University of Colorado, where he received a BFA in both Electronic Media and Sculpture (2000).  He continued these investigations in the University of Washington’s masters program in sculpture, during which time he began his studies in experimental video with.  Since earning his MFA in 2006 Tivon has received numerous local and national awards including the Joan Mitchell Foundation MFA Grant and the Artist Trust Fellowship, and has exhibited extensively with solo shows throughout the northwest and group shows in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami.  In 2007 he taught experimental video as a visiting artist at DXARTS and formally began his PhD studies.