Room for Assembly
Build Here

Jun 3, 2010   |   Ongoing
Occidental Park, Seattle
Begin Installation

Jul 1, 2010   |   6-7pm
Occidental Park, Seattle
Guided Tour through the Installation with the artists

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Build Here focuses on land use and memory, combining historical representations of space and current use into an evolving narrative. We hope that the public’s interaction with the installations will cause them to think about our evolving constructed environment and how we interact with space, inside and outside. We hope to trigger questions that will help to ground people in the spaces they occupy: what was here, what is this space now and what will it become in the future?

Build Here is part of the artSparks 2010 program.  To learn more about what is going on in Occidental Park this summer, please visit the artSparks 2010 website.

Photos courtesy of Room for Assembly and Stephen Jeong.

Room for Assembly is an artist collective dedicated to experimenting with architecture.  Greg Lewis, Caroline Davis and Julia Khorsand met while pursuing their Master of Architecture degrees at the University of Washington.  From free hot dog stands and red-balloons to interiors muted in muslin, Greg, Caroline and Julia build to understand the experiential value of space.