Christopher Reitmaier
Difference and Repetition

Jun 28, 2010   |   Ongoing
Occidental Park, Seattle
Installation Begin

Jul 1, 2010   |   6-7pm
Occidental Park, Seattle
Guided Tour through the Installation with the artist

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Nature blends with urban oreings, [re]appropriated and [re]assembled to provide a subtle jolt of visual [de]familiarization as a prelude to [de]light.  Ultimately acting as a gateway, encompassing a myriad of functions: a nexus and meeting point, a place where strangers become friends, a sanctuary/place for reflection, a space for spontaneity and self-expression, and a place for dialogue and idea exchange.

Christopher Reitmaier will take over Occidental Park with found materials – primarily discarded flower pieces, gathered from the overabundant commercial flower supply discarded daily all over Seattle.  Christopher will meticulously dissect, reconstruct and weave to create a temporary interactive installation throughout the park.

Difference and Repetition is part of the artSparks 2010 program.  To learn more about what is going on in Occidental Park this summer, please visit the artSparks 2010 website.


Somniative is the pseudonym for Christopher Reitmaier–a maker of things whose raw materials are culled from sidewalks and city streets from places both near and far where the discarded and unused lie, awaiting the sacred return to the realm of human caring and love in celebration of life, beauty, freedom, and joy.