City Meditation Crew
Radiant Silver Circle

Jul 7, 2010   |   8am-2pm
Occidental Park, Seattle

Jul 8, 2010   |   11am-1:30pm & 4:30-7:30pm
Occidental Park, Seattle

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City Meditation Crew manifests attentiveness and open awareness through secular practices of contemplation in public. Tasked with inspiring hurried urbanites to notice their city one moment at a time, members of the newly formed City Meditation Crew complete mundane tasks a little more slowly and attentively than usual, breathing new possibilities into their performance. Clad in white coveralls emblazoned with the orange “slow moving vehicle” triangle, CMC workers are recognizable as they walk slowly, collect silver foil gum wrappers, and affix them to the sidewalk. Everyone is welcome to gather and press foil wrappers onto the sidewalk.

City Meditation Crew is part of the artSparks 2010 program.  To learn more about what is going on in Occidental Park this summer, please visit the artSparks 2010 website.



The volunteer corps City Meditation Crew includes those who consider themselves “artists” and those who don’t. CMC manifests attentiveness and open awareness through secular practices of meditation in public. The worldwide non-violence movement, and the often unacknowledged influence of Buddhism on Western contemporary art, inspires their practices. They work from the understanding that a contemplative stance nurtures capacities for paying unusual amounts of attention to our worlds, which in turn support compassion, creativity, and mindful consumption of resources. CMC debuted in Union Square Park in October, 2010.