Ben Waterman
Risking to Care for a Place

Aug 16, 2010   |   Ongoing
Occidental Park, Seattle
Begin Installation

Aug 22, 2010   |   Final Day
Occidental Park, Seattle
End Installation

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For one week, Ben Waterman will make the limits of Occidental Park his primary place of existence.  During the day, he will look and study.  At night, he will build a visual record of the connections that he made during the day through creating thin raw clay lines between the points.  These lines will be almost unnoticeable at first, however, as the days and the project progresses, these efforts in their accumulation, will become apparent.  These created connections will also be documented through photography and posted on a website mapping Bens’ movements, observations, and efforts creating a permanent record of Ben’s actions.

Risking to Care for a Place is part of the artSparks 2010 program.  To learn more about what is going on in Occidental Park this summer, please visit the artSparks 2010 website.


Ben Waterman is a Seattle based artist who graduated from the University of Washington with an MFA in ceramics in 2009.  Ben’s projects are influenced by his work as an organic farmer in Olympia, his travels abroad and domestic, and the study of political philosophy at Whitman College.