Seattle Parks and Rec
artSparks 2010

Oct 7, 2010   |   Final Day
Occidental Park, Seattle
Michelle Arab’s “Wind Map of Occidental Park” End Installation

Oct 7, 2010   |   Dusk
Occidental Park, Seattle
Michael McCrea, Nicolas Varchausky and Tivon Rice’s “A Continuity of Parks”


This summer, Occidental Park will become a showcase for the creative imagination of artists. Using this public space as art space, artists will produce everything from street theater, dance, or temporary sculpture to music, media art, or whatever their imagination might envision, bringing the challenge and spark of art into the day-to-day life of downtown. The end result: Occidental Park becomes a place where art and life intertwine–where one goes to meet the unexpected and catch some of the freshest work from local and visiting artists.

Featured this summer at Occidental Park:

Room for Assembly – Build Here
African ConeXion – El Son Los Diablos
Sol Hashemi – Driving a Sculpture
MiLa – Prismatic Lightscape
Christopher Reitmaier – Difference and Repetition
City Meditation Crew  
AK Mimi Allin – Walking in War and Peace
Celeste Cooning – Celebration and Fanfare
Christopher Ezzell – Occidental Square Tea House
Jonelle Johnson –Walk in the Park
Ben Waterman – Risking to Care for a Place
Michelle Arab – Windmap of Occidental Square Park
Stimulate Dance – Open Air Performance Series
Joan Laage – Red
Britta Johnson – Heat Transfer
Michael McCrea, Nicolas Varchausky and Tivon Rice – A Continuity of Parks

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Artists Pictured in Slideshow: Room for Assembly, MiLa, Christopher Reitmaier,  City Meditation Crew, Celeste Cooning, AK Mimi Allin, Joan Laage and Christopher Ezzell (respectively)