Implied Violence
Yes and More and Yes and Yes and Why

Oct 9, 2010   |   Ongoing
Frye Art Museum, Seattle
Exhibition Open in Small Greathouse, Alcove and Black Box

Jan 2, 2011   |   Final Day
Frye Art Museum, Seattle
Exhibition Closes in Small Greathouse, Alcove and Black Box

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The first museum exhibition of the acclaimed Seattle artist group Implied Violence (IV) features sculptures, costumes, props, masks, video- and photo-documentation of selected past performances and a new performance created especially for the exhibition. Introducing IV’s key concepts and preoccupations for the first time to a broad museum audience, the exhibition Implied Violence: Yes and More and Yes and Yes and Why provides an in-depth look at IV’s exploration of altered states; elemental, highly charged materials; and the shifting status of their objects from installation to prop to relic.  Organized by the Frye Art Museum and curated by Robin Held in collaboration with artist Ryan Mitchell.


Co-founded by Ryan Mitchell and Mandie O’Connell, and showcasing the art of a shifting roster of visual artists, musicians, actors, dancers, choreographers, sound artists, and others, Implied Violence works include Die Wandlung (Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle, 2006); In Between More and More History (The Smoke Farm, 2007); Come to My Center, You Enter the Winter (The Bridge Motel, 2007); and Our Summary in Sequence: Barley Girl, Versus, and Eat Fight Fuck (801 Aloha, 2008). Implied Violence, in collaboration with Seattle-based band The Dead Science, created The Air is Peopled with Cruel and Fearsome Birds, featured in the On the Boards Northwest New Works Festival 2007, before traveling to venues in Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans and other cities across the United States.