Viewing art is not only a pleasant activity, art is good for health. At sitespecificarts we experience ourselves that art makes us forget about everyday worries and can make us feel completely ‘human’ again. More and more our experience is underpinned from the scientific angle; art can play an important role for our physical and mental health.

Art is good for health

Regularly looking at art reduces the risk of depression and anxiety disorders, which increases sexual performance, especially in men. This has been shown in a 2011 study by Micheal Villari at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. It has been known for some time that physical and mental health are closely linked. This research has shown that visiting museums is good for our health. Art makes us happier.

We confirm these research results from our own experience. Not only do we find ourselves feeling inspired and charged after a museum visit. During our training sessions and workshops we also see participants discover new perspectives and thereby become more positive. Numerical thinkers find the playful and uninhibited child in themselves, you see the energy flowing again and the participants revive.

Reduce work stress through art

Museums have the right atmosphere to make stress forget ( Packer , 2008). Visitors can take the time in a museum to enjoy the art and are not distracted by other things. Museum visits are therefore used to restore and relax the mental state.

We can clearly see that art makes people relax in our recruitment programs, for example around the corporate collections  In these programs, bankers / lawyers with students visit a number of works of art in the office. With each artwork they receive information and asks questions that are related to the artwork and that relate to getting to know each other and the office. It is striking to see how relaxed the students are and how open the conversations are. Artworks speak freely about ambitions, expectations and possible prejudices.

This knowledge about the influence of art on stress and tension offers tools for reducing this in the workplace. Use art to reduce stress and thereby improve productivity.

Employee satisfaction and museums

In addition to the added value of art to our condition, art is seen as something that makes us happy. A recent study shows that museums have the same positive effect as a salary increase of almost € 4,500 ( Fujiwara , 2013). In a comparison between looking at art, making art and participating in sports, looking at art appears to be the most valuable. Relatively speaking, we are the most happy of this and we therefore indicate great financial value.

Art makes you healthy

More and more attention is being paid to employee health within companies. Healthy food, sports and even mindfulness have become normal subjects within the business world. We recommend including art in this list and not only using art to stimulate innovation, but also to increase the health and satisfaction of your employees.

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